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I recently came across a site called that offers alternatives to everything Google. With StartMail, you get 10GB of storage and no limit on number of messages.

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Our service is compatible with other email services, and you can encrypt messages to users outside of StartMail using PGP or our Q&A encryption option. Our PGP is truly easy to use. It just takes one click after it's set up. And for times when friends don't have encryption set up, you can use Q&A encryption--even if they don't have StartMail. The Swiss ProtonMail, like other providers, offers PGP encryption for your emails in transit and encryption for your data at rest. Your data is encrypted on the client side under a zero-knowledge policy, meaning that your encryption key stays on your device and your messages cannot be seen by ProtonMail team. ProtonMail is much safer than Gmail.

ProtonMail - Encrypted Email for Android - Free download -

Sie möchten wissen, wie es  With the simple StartMail service, you can send encrypted mail to anyone. When you start using StartMail, ProtonMail, or a similar encrypting email service,   El cifrado de extremo a extremo está a la orden del día, y ProtonMail no te pedirá Ahora esta privacidad se extiende al correo con StartMail. ProtonMail: Un sistema de correos electrónicos con cifrado de extremo a extremo afincado en Suiza. Fácil de usar, de código abierto y  ProtonMail is a virtual twin of StartMail feature-wise, and it costs $48 per year. ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service founded in 2013 in Geneva,  Email: • Protonmail (Suiza) • Mailbox (Alemania) • Startmail (Holanda) • Countermail (Suecia). 1:59 AM - 15 Mar 2020.


This plan includes 500 MB of encrypted storage. The Professional StartMail offers a seven-day trial. An annual plan is $59.95 and includes 10 GB of storage.

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The latest encrypted email service to rise in popularity is ProtonMail, which attracted wide attention after it was featured on Mr. Robot. But how secure is it really? Protonmail vs gmail. Is Protonmail Safe for Security and Privacy?

ProtonMail - Encrypted Email for Android - Free download -

But how secure is it really?